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    Have a great photo to contribute of the lake, activities, a spectacular sunset or that giant fish you bagged?  Send jpg images (as large as possible but less than 5MB in size) to info@8pointlake.org and type PHOTOS in the subject line.

    Provide for each photo the date taken, location, and the occasion. If it’s a fish, give details. Due to quality and content issues, we cannot guarantee your photo will be posted. Photos of people can be identified with first/last name, first name only, or no name at all – as they permit.

    The Roving Camera The quaint, the quirky, the fun, the festive...the characters, toys & joys that shape the spirit and personality of cottage life here at the lake.

    Seasons of the Lake
    Have a great photo of the lake in various seasons and moods?  Share it here!

    Flora & Fauna
    Nature’s beauty surrounds us – flowers, trees, animals, birds, rocks, mushrooms, clouds, sunsets…let others see what you see. 

    2009 Activities


    4th of July, 2009


    Boat Parade, 2009


    Road Parade, 2009


    Labor Day Weekend, 2009


    Fish Planting October, 2009

    2010 Activities


    Road Parade, 2010


    4th of July, 2010


    Fish Planting, 2010

    2011 Activities


    Fishing Seminar 2011


    Road Parade 2011


    4th of July, 2011


    65th Anniversary Celebration

    2012 Activities


    Road Parade 2012


    4th of July, 2012


    Boat Parade 2012


    Pavilion Construction


    Fireworks 2012

    2013 Activities


    Road Parade 2013


    4th of July, 2013


    Boat Parade 2013


    November Tornado 2013


    2014 Activities


    Road Parade 2014


    4th of July, 2014


    Boat Parade 2014


    2015 Activities


    5K Race 2015


    Flag Raising 2015


    Road Parade 2015


    2016 Activities


    5K Race 2016


    Flag Raising 2016


    Road Parade 2016


    2017 Activities


    5K Race 2017


    Flag Raising 2017


    Road Parade 2017


    2019 Activities


    Road Parade 2019


    Evart Car Cruise 2019










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