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      Latitude: 43-50'24" N
      Longitude: 085-04'24" W
    Decimal Degrees:
      Latitude: 43.8400231
      Longitude: -85.0733655


    1050 feet


    388 acres

    Max Depth

    25 feet


    Black Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed (Sunfish), Yellow Perch, Bowfin (Dogfish), Yellow Bullhead, Brown Bullhead, White Sucker

    Click here for a map of the lake.


    We’re still working to discover how and when the lake was named. We do know from plat maps that the lake had no name in 1890, but was named by 1906. The Pere Marquette Railroad owned the land in Section 19, which includes much of the land between North Shore and US-10. Subdivisions began to emerge around the lake, some as the result of government-owned lots that adjoined the lake, which became available for private ownership. This evolution of government-to-private lot ownership roughly spanned the period from 1850-1910.

    Aquatic Threats

    The lake has been treated for Eurasian Watermilfoil annually since  2005. On average, about 35-40 acres are treated annually, which represents 9-10% of the 388 acres.

    In July 2008, Zebra Mussels were confirmed in the lake by the DNR Fisheries Division when a single specimen was found in the waters along North Shore. Property owners can slow their rate of production by collecting any found in the shallow waters along your lakefront, and scraping them off boats, dock posts, anchors, etc. for disposal in the trash, campfire, or compost pile.

    In the summer and fall of 2010 the number of sightings of Zebra Mussels increased dramatically all around the lake...on docks, boat hoists, and a few boats.

    Lake Improvement Board

    Formed in July 2005, the Eight Point Lake Improvement Board was chartered by Clare County and Garfield Township to oversee lake water quality and treatment requirements to counteract the spread of aquatic pests and weeds. The Board members include the Clare County Drain Commissioner, County Commissioner, 2 representatives from Garfield Township, and one lake riparian. The Board is responsible for determining tax assessments on properties having dedicated lake access to pay for the costs associated with treating the lake for invasive species. The Board hires consultants and treatment contractors as required to perform surveys and to treat the lake. Currently, the L.I.B. is focused on treating Eurasian Watermilfoil in the lake. Below is the 2012 Lake Improvement Board Report. For a printable copy, click here.

    Lake Improvement Board Members

    Ralph Stewart, Chairperson and Waterfront Representative
    Carl J. Parks, Clare County Drain Commissioner
    Dale Majewski, Clare County Commissioner
    Bob Porritt, Garfield Township Representative
    Stu Terrell, Garfield Township Representative

    Contact Information: Ralph Stewart, 989.544-3306
    or the Drain Commission office, 989.539-7320

    Lake Treatment for Eurasian Watermilfoil

    Each year, the initial treatment for Eurasian Watermilfoil takes place during the later part of June, (once the water temperature is sufficient). Notices are posted at all waterfront cottages. Lake treatment maps are available on the Forms & Documents page.


    Initial Treatment

    Re-Treatment and Secondary



    0 acres


    0 acres


    3 acres


    3 acres


    0 acres


    0 acres


    3 acres


    3 acres


    3 acres


    3 acres


    7 acres


    7 acres


    54 acres

    3 acres

    57 acres


    24.75 acres

    11.25 acres

    36 acres


    23 acres

    12.75 acres

    35.75 acres


    27.75 acres

    12 acres (7 new + 5 retreated)

    39.75 acres


    31.5 acres


    31.5 acres


    65.75 acres


    65.75 acres


    46 acres


    46 acres


    45.75 acres

    .5 acres (new site)

    46.25 acres


    17.1 acres


    17.1 acres


    16.5 acres

    22.0 acres

    38.5 acres


    11 acres

    10 acres

    21 acres


    29.5 acres

    2.75 acres

    32.25 acres


    43 acres

    12.3 acres

    55.3 acres

    2012 treatment included 10,000 weevils stocked at 2 sites
    2013 treatment: herbicides on 10 acres, plus 7.1 acres stocked with 16,100 weevils

    Click here for 2011 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here for 2012 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here for 2013 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here for 2014 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here for 2015 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here for 2016 Milfoil Treatment Map
    Click here and here for 2017 Milfoil Treatment Map

    Water Quality

    For a number of years beginning in the late 1980s, the Eight Point Lake Property Owners Corporation initiated a limited water quality testing program in conjunction with the Central Michigan Marine Biology Department. In 2008 that program was resurrected and expanded by the Eight Point Lake Improvement Board. The Board hires a Marine Consultant to collect and test water samples from 5 locations on the lake each spring. The samples are processed through nearly a dozen tests to measure such things as clarity, alkalinity, and nitrate and phosphorus levels.

    Results thus far indicate the overall water quality of Eight Point Lake is excellent, far exceeding the accepted norms for Michigan inland lakes. There have been no indications of pollutants or major problems.

    There has, however, been a steady increase in the levels of nitrates and phosphorus in the lake to increase, which is generally associated with increased levels of decaying plant life in the lake and the runoff of fertilizers used on plants and lawns. Property owners are urged to avoid raking leaves or other yard debris into the lake and to avoid the use of granular commercial fertilizers anywhere near the lake.

    For more information on water testing and recent results for Eight Point Lake:

    Click here for Water Quality Test Results 2008-09.
    Click here for Water Quality Testing Areas Map.
    Click here for Water Analysis Information.
    Click here for the 2010 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2011 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2012 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2013 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2014 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2015 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2016 Water Quality Report
    Click here for the 2017 Water Quality Report


    The LIB (Lake Improvement Board) was created in 2005 to assess property owners for overall lake management and the treatment of invasive weeds because the Property Owners' Association was no longer able to generate enough voluntary donations to deal with the management and treatment of the lake.

    All the chemical treatments have been done with professionally applied, DNR- approved herbicides. In 2012 a new program was launched which entailed the use of native water weevils to eat up the milfoil. The goal was to evolve to an environment where colonies of these tiny and totally natural weevils would keep the Eurasian Milfoil in check so we don’t have to use several tons of herbicides each year.

    In 2014 we were forced to discontinue the weevil stocking program because extensive spring underwater surveys by divers were unable to find any breeding colonies of the weevils. It appears that two very cold winters in a row and the fact that Eight Point is largely surrounded by seawalls, which makes it very difficult for the weevils to leave the water and burrow into the soil, have wiped out the thousands of weevils planted over the past 2 years.

    The disappointing results with the weevil program left us with no choice but to return to the use of herbicides to treat the Eurasian Milfoil. Just under 40 acres were treated during the months of June and August, which is consistent with our annual average of 41 acres. A map of those locations is posted on the Association website.


    If you have questions, direct them to info@8pointlake.org.




    Direct questions or comments to info@8pointlake.org