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    A Note from the Chair

    Hello Everyone!

    Well, Fall is certainly in the air now. The lake is quieting down with only a few pontoons out for a cruise and a fisherman or two. It has been pretty chilly here and the trees are starting to turn a bit. Apple cider is on the menu as well as fresh crunchy apples for snacking. Football is on the television and people are doing their final list of chores before the weather closes in.

    As this year’s summer season draws to a close just a couple of reminders. Make sure your outside lights are working and motion detectors are always a good idea. We have an active Neighborhood Watch group to assist the “year 'rounders’” to keep an eye out for unusual activity. The Garfield Township transfer station on Lake Station Ave still takes yard waste like leaves and branches to make your fall clean up easier. Please Please do NOT rake leaves into the lake!! This causes decay and silt in our beautiful lake.

    Your Association is looking for help. Dan Sopchack is retiring from his Fireworks chairperson position due to health issues. Phil Ruckle has graciously stepped up to spearhead as Chairperson of the Fireworks display on Labor Day weekend. However, we do need additional volunteers to help him out with this project. We need more than one person to work on this. It is an important effort. Without your help the much loved fireworks program could “go by the wayside". We hope we will not have to cancel another great event. Consider this as an opportunity to give back to our wonderful lake. It is volunteers like you who make programs like this possible. We have all the contact information and have been working with the pyrotechnic people, Wolverine Fireworks Inc., to keep this program running.

    We are also in need of a chairperson for Venetian Night - Lighted Boat Parade, or this program will most likely go by the wayside. It has great potential for a wonderful boat parade!

    Have a safe and happy Fall season. Stay warm and dry!
    As Always,

    Sandi Jeffery

    September 25, 2014



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    Direct questions or comments to info@8pointlake.org